6th-12th grade SYLLABUS



Course description

Course objectives

Course goals

Rehearsal guidelines

Concert attire

Grading policy


Course Description:

The middle school/high school choirs are elective courses designed to provide an outlet for students to express themselves through choral music, or poetry set in motion with music. These courses are open to all 6th-12th grade students interested in participating in a choral experience.

Course Objectives:

*Explore the different aspects of good singing and musicianship through a varied

    repertoire of music

*Actively and responsibly participate as a member of the choir/team

*Share our love of singing and performing with all types of audiences!

Course Goals:

*To increase musical knowledge

*To develop habits that encourage healthy vocal sound

*To develop self-confidence

*To develop self-discipline by functioning as a responsible member of the choir

*To develop personal character traits of leadership, poise, and dependability

*To increase enjoyment in music listening

*To discover how music can enhance our lives beyond the walls of the classroom

Rehearsal Guidelines:

*Upon entering the room, grab your folder and check the front board for any further instructions.

    Complete as instructed.

*Once the bells rings, all talking should stop. Because our time together is so

    short, we must use every minute to its fullest.

*Always have a pencil in your folder! Making marks in our music and remembering what those marks

    mean is critical to the advancement of the choir!

*An elected section leader will take role at the beginning of the hour and report to the teacher.

*Food, drinks, candy and gum are not allowed. Bottles of water are the only


*Talking, unless a question is asked or feedback is requested, is not allowed. If 

    your part is not singing, follow your part quietly and sing it silently.

*Bathroom breaks will be limited to in between classes and emergencies only.

*Sing with all the focus and energy you would have at a football game, concert or

    any other event you would enjoy attending. If you do, you will have a much

    more positive experience as a part of this choir!

*Make sure all folders go back to their own slot at the end of the hour!

Concert Attire:

6th grade

Any dress clothes that look nice!

7th and 8th grade

Gentlemen-black pants

                  black shoes and socks

                  plain white collared shirt

Ladies- black pants or skirt that fall at or below the knees

            black shoes that have a back on them (no flip flops!!)

            plain white top that covers shoulders and has a modest neckline

            no jewelry

            nothing in hair except headbands that are black or the same color as hair

High School

Gentlemen-black pants

                  black jacket

                  white button-up collared shirt

                  black shoes and socks

                  black bow-tie

Ladies-black pants or skirt that fall to ankles

           black top that covers shoulders and has a modest neckline

           no jewelry

           nothing in hair except headbands that are black or the same color as hair

Madrigals-attire provided

*Please contact with any questions regarding attire or affordability of attire.

Grading Policy:

Daily Participation-10 points per day (ex. 5 day school week=50 points per week,

    3 days=30 points per week)

*Points are given to students who are present and on time to class.

*Also included in the participation grade is the attention paid to the rehearsal

    guidelines. Unwillingness to live up to these guidelines are reflected in grade.

Concert Attendance-200 points per concert

*Attendance is required at all performances

*Points are based on proper dress, being on time and staying for entire concert.

*Excused absences are only those involving illness, death in the family or an

    emergency out of your control. Excused absences can be made up within one

    week. You will need to come and sing your part on all of your group pieces to

    assess that you have done “your part” in class.

*Unexcused absences cannot be made up

Bell Ringer Assignments-50 points per 9 weeks

*Bell ringers will be used each day and kept in music folder.

*Full points will be awarded to those who have 100% completed. A Scale will be created to determine

    grades for those not 100% completed.

Concert and/or Rehearsal Critiques-25 points each

*After each concert and possibly after a rehearsal, we will watch and critique.

*Full points will be awarded to the quality of critique given.

Octet Checks (SVHS)-50 points per student

*Two to three times a semester, 8 different students will be selected to perform one song from our

    concert repertoire.

*Those students will be graded on accuracy of pitches, dynamics, expression, tone, diction, balance,

    blend and posture.

*All other students will be graded on their ability to constructively critique the octet.

Other Assignments-TBA


*Open auditions will be held in the spring of each year and 16 students will be

chosen from those enrolled in Concert Choir (sophomores-seniors).

Meeting times

*This class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m.

Tardy policy

*Since this is a select group, the Madrigals will be expected to  behave at a

higher standard. This includes promptness to rehearsals.

*Every minute missed in rehearsal is time to be made up. While one singer was

gone, the rest of the group improved. We sing as a group/team and need to

progress as a group/team.

*Time is to be made up within one week. Ex. You were 5 minutes late on Thursday

morning. By the next Thursday afternoon, 5 minutes needs to be served.

*If time is not made up within a week or without prior arrangements,

50 points (one typical week’s worth of points) will be lost from the singer’s



*Madrigals attire will be provided.


*Along with our scheduled concerts, the Madrigals will be asked to do many outside performances many

times through out the year. As long as two weeks notice is given, all members are expected to

           be in attendance.