Activity   Period   Student   Expectations

In order for Activity Period to be successful, all staff will uniformly expect the following :

Reading Expectation:

        Reading time will be for 15 minutes (12:50-1:05) on Wednesday and Thursday. This expectation will apply to all students and staff.

Reading Material May Be:

        Any fiction or non-fiction book (as long as it does not disrupt the classroom environment).

Reading Material Will Not Be:

   Classroom textbooks

   Magazines or newspapers.

Who is Expected to Read:

        Staff &


Consequences For Not Reading:

        No warnings.

        No book = automatic 15 minute conference + teacher provides student with reading material for reading time.

        Second offense for not having suitable materials will result in 45 minute detention.

        Students not in class when the bell rings may be asked to read in the hall.

Activity Period Expectations are as follows:

        Students are expected to bring all materials needed for the entire hour,

        Students wanting to work with another teacher during activity period must obtain permission from that teacher prior to reporting to their homeroom,

        Student will remain in the classroom for the entire period,

   Appropriate activities during activity period include, but not limited to, reading, studying, homework, individualized instruction from a teacher, peer tutoring, make-up labs, and/or make-up tests,

   "Socializing" will not be considered an acceptable practice during activity period.

        The procedure for library passes will be communicated some time early in the school year.   There have been adjustments made with the advent of the laptop program that have led to changes in the library during activity period.

        Students attending activities both periods may sign out for both at the beginning of activity block one.