American History is a required course for graduation from Smoky Valley High School, as well as all accredited schools in the United States.  

            Why do we study American History?   One can look at many reasons why this is done, we will focus on just a few.

                        1.   Any country, whethers large or small, must instill into its population a sense of pride and patriotism if that country is to maintain stability and have any hope of surviving in the future.   To learn of your nations accomplishments and its heroic figures, or those who have played important roles in the country's past will help do this.

                        2.   You must learn from your mistakes.   As individuals and even as societies, this is a true statement.   In a democratic society such as ours, it is very important that the total population be educated about our country's past in order for our present government to avoid making the same mistakes as our past leaders.

                        3. Thomas Jefferson once wrote "To be free and uneducated and still live in democratic society is what never was and never will be."   Each person has to become educated to play a significant role in helping   develop our nation,   if only few choose to do so we will become like George Washington said "sheep being led to the slaughter."

            This class will be based on material taken from your text and other readings etc. that will be brought in and used.   Your grade will be based on assignments, projects, tests and attitude and participation.

            Assignments are expected to be handed in on time.   if they are one day late, you will be given 70% credit, after that none will be given.   If you do hand it in later, you will be given a zero instead of an NHI which will allow you to be eligible for extra credit.

            If you are gone from class due to illness, you are responsible to get make up work and when it will be due.  .   If you are gone for a school activity, you will make up any work ahead of time if at all possible, otherwise it will be due the next day of class .   You must check on this with the teacher.


100-90 = A

89-80 = B

79-70 = C

69-60 = D