Why do we study American History?

1. Any country, whether large or small, must instill into its people a sense of pride and patriotism if that country is to remain stable. To learn of your nation’s accomplishments and its heroic figures helps to do this.

2. You must learn from your mistakes. In a democratic society such as ours, it is very important that the total population be educated about our country’s past in order for our present government to avoid making the same mistakes as our past leaders.

3. The most important aspect in a republican form of government is its people. The people must be educated so they will be able to make the correct decisions to better our nation and secure its future.

This course is designed as a college preparatory lecture course. Note taking, reading supplementary material, and the handing in of assignments are your responsibility. Your grade, for the most part, will be based on test and research paper scores. Approximately four tests will be given each nine weeks, and one paper will be assigned each semester. There are very few daily written assignments, they are expected to be handed in on time, if they are one day late, you will be given 70% credit, after that, none will be given. If you are gone from class due to illness, you are responsible to get make up work and and find out when it will be due. . If you are gone for an activity, you will make up anywork the next day of class if needed. If at all possible the work should be made up beforehand.
Research projects will NOT be allowed to be handed in late. They will be handed in by the due date, NO EXCEPTIONS, AND NO CREDIT GIVEN!!!!

If this project is not done; the student will automatically fail the class.


100-90 = A
89-80 = B
79-70 = C
69-60= D