The following sets of questions are merely guidelines for your report.   do not write as though you are answering questions, and do not attempt to deal with every question if not applicable.   Choose those aspects of your book that interest you the most, and write a well-organized paper discussing those aspects.   Remember though, you must convince the teacher you read the book!


1.   What is the general subject matter of you book?   What is it's major premise or thesis?

2.   What is the author's purpose in writing the book--to inform, to promote understanding, to persuade, to arouse or entertain?   (Use examples to show this)

3.   Is the author well-informed?   Does he effectively support his ideas with facts or logic?   Does he succeed in his purpose?   (Again use examples)

4.   Explain one or more specific facts or ideas presented by the book.   What have you learned from reading this book?

5.   Does the book remind you of any other reading you have done?   How does it relate to what you have learned from other situations?


1.   What are the important achievements of the subjects life?   why is he worthy of a biography?   Does he overcome obstacles to achieve something?

2.   Describe the person's character, personality, admirable qualities, faults, problems, influences from childhood, etc.

3.   Discuss an incident or anecdote from his life which reveals something important about the person.

4.   What is the biographer's attitude toward the subject?   Does he or she admire him?   Does he or she criticize him?   Or they neutral?   Do you feel you have been presented an honest, objective view of the person?

5.   Are there qualities about the subject that you would like to have or achievements that you would like to attain?   Or do you not find the person admirable or worthy of your esteem?


Books must be handed in with your report!!!!!!!