Units of Study

I. The War Begins: Brother against Brother

II. First Blood: Ft. Sumter to Bull Run

III. Forward To Richmond: McLellan’s Peninsular Campaign

IV. Road To Shiloh: Early Battles in the West

V. Bloodiest Day: Antietam

VI. Tenting Tonight: Soldier’s Life

VII. Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg: Confederate High Tide

VIII. War On The Mississippi: Grant’s Vicksburg Campaign

IX. Sherman’s March: Atlanta to the Sea

X. Pursuit To Appomattox: The Last Battles

XI. The Assassination: Death of a President

XII. The Nation Reunited: War’s Aftermath


This class is designed as a lecture course on various aspects of the American Civil War. The objectives of this class are fairly simple.


1. To make you more familiar, in general, with the Civil War Era, and why
it came about.

2. To become aware of some of the major personalities involved.


The grade the student receives comes from tests, a research project, and their attitude and work ethic that is shown in the classroom. Assignments are expected to be handed in on the date due. If they are one day late the student will receive 1/2 credit, after that it will be an NHI.
Research projects will NOT be accepted late. If you miss class due to a school activity, any work assigned or completed will be due the next day you are back. If possible it needs to be done beforehand, check with the instructor to find out. If you miss class due to illness, you are responsible for getting work in by the date the teacher gives you.


100-90% = A
89-80% = B
79-70% = C
69-60% = D