ROOM 317
  1. Be to class on time.  If the tardy bell rings and you are not in your seat; you are tardy even if you are in the room
  2. Be respectful of others.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Don’t mess with other people or their stuff.
  3. Don’t speak while the teacher is talking.
  4. If you need to go to the restroom during class; ask. Understand it will cost you five minutes after school.  Take care of these things before class.
  5. Computer use will be dictated by the teacher.  No games allowed, that is school policy.
  6. Have your material with you when you are here.  Text, pencil, paper etc.  Have any assignment printed ahead of time.  Be organized.  If this becomes a problem; it will be come a discipline issue and handled as such.
  7. If you are going to be gone on a school activity; make your work up ahead of time if at all possible.  Talk to the teacher to arrange this, otherwise it is an NHI.