I. Must choose a topic dealing with some aspect of American History.
A. This topic must be approved by the instructor
B. This must be chosen by , Jan. 18, 2010

II. You are required to hand in a list of sources
A. Six of these sources must be documented in your paper
B. None of the sources can be an encyclopedia
C. Three of the sources must be primary sources.
D. No more than two internet sources can be used.
E. This list of sources is due Feb 26, 2010.
F. You can’t add to this list after this date.

G. You will transfer material you take from sources and they will be handed in at various times during the research process.

H. All material used to write paper must be handed in. This will be pasted or written on note cards; don't hand in books.

III. A thesis statement must be developed surrounding a topic you choose to develop.

A. You are proving a point, not telling a story.
B. Narrow down your topic as much as possible
C. Your Thesis is due Feb. 26, 2010

IV. Your paper is due March 12, 2010

. Criteria for the project is as follows:
A. It must be 6 pages long
B. It must be typed & double spaced
C. 1 inch margins
D. 12 point type should be used--Helvetica or Palatino font
E. You need to include a bibliography,or works cited page must be handed
in with your paper
F. You must show documentation of sources in your paper
G. We will use the guidelines outlined in “The Write Way”
H. The paper should be written in 3rd person-- no I, or we, which is 1st