Guadalcanal   time line of the events with map of battles - Encyclopedia page with map and links to other items of importance. - pictures of Guadalcanal during WWII - Naval Historical Center page over Guadalcanal campaign, includes photographs - Guadalcanal offensive through Marines. - Army's historical perspective on Guadalcanal - tour site of present day Guadalcanal, pictures - personal journal of a soldier at Guadalcanal - gives info on battles/people - story of the capture of a German U-505 Sub at Guadalcanal - photos of leaders in Guadalcanal, American and Japanese -Navy Seabees at Guadalcanal - over 1st Naval battle - Marine's land battle - Naval battle that was the turning point - about air attacks - you can search for many different articles. - site over the Pacific battles, Guadalcanal included

Coral Sea - battle info and pictures - encyclopedia version with links and pictures - timeline taken from the book "Blue Skies and Blood" by Edwin Hoyt. Includes Japanese plan and American plan - fight to save Australia, pictures included but not an officially "authored" site - setup for the battle - intro, battle, results information - details of battle - links to sites and books - info on battle and people

MacArthur's Return to Phillipines - general info on MacArthur - about his departure from the Phillipines - info about a reenactment - article commemorating the return - soldiers perspective - primary sources on MacArthur - actual video of his return

Iwo Jima - info on battle, people, videos, links, etc... - timeline and photos - facts, figures, links - very detailed version of battle - encyclopedia version with pictures and links - account of one ship - detailed info and statistics - photos of Iwo Jima and Okinawa

Saipan - pictures -memoirs of a soldier - pictures - air offensive, pictures - facts and pictures facts and pictures

Okinawa - one soldiers recollection - article - article debating this battle was why a-bomb had to be dropped - highly detailed article including statistics - photos of Iwo Jima and Okinawa - pictures and links - details and pictures - facts, people

Island Hopping - facts and pictures - information about the strategy of the U.S in the Pacific - the job of the navy in Island Hopping strategy of island hopping timeline of the war in the Pacific, illustrates "Island Hopping"

Atomic Bomb - many links over the atomic bomb, creation, actual event, effects, why, etc... - why Truman dropped the bomb - one view.... - many primary documents on the decision to use the atomic bomb - site over the creation of the atomic bomb and the actual dropping'dropping%20of%20the%20atomic%20bomb ' - includes actual description of the dropping - facts about the plane, pilot, and event - use this webquest to view from different perspectives on the internet links

Dunkirk - audio files, political cartoons, and info - a different viewpoint on Dunkirk - map of Dunkirk - info - battle info

North Africa - detailed info on strategy of North Africa and results - info on strategy and features specific campaigns - pictures - links to many more specific battles - article about North African before Rommel arrived - links to different campaigns by different countries in North Africa - landing info

Sicily - army's info on the battle - actual log of events,   pictures, and news clippings - map - map - info - info on battle with links - very detailed info by month

Battle for Italy - account from one infantry - use this as a starting point, many links to different areas of the Battle for Italy - info on Stalemate in Italy - brief of why Italy entered

V-2 Rockets - encyclopedia version of what it is and links - brief description - info from a museum which has one on display - pictures - you have to click on the links V-2, Blitzkreig, etc...

D-Day - from the Museum in D.C., get facts, personals, etc... from here - click on about D-day and it gives you very detailed information on all aspects - general overview very detailed info through links - Army's site over D-day includes video and pictures

Battle of the Bulge - brief overview and stats - encyclopedia version with links - includes pictures and links - PBS site about video, but also includes pictures, video, narratives, and links - detailed info with links - extremely detailed online book of battle

War at Home - links to sites with women working on the Homefront - pictures of propaganda from WWII Homefront - magazine created for the Homefront, view previous covers and get info - national museum of Homefront in WWII

Holocaust - National Holocaust Museum, access facts, stories, pictures - encyclopedia version, giving facts and links - info on how/why - timeline and links to information - site from the Jewish Library, which gives very detailed information on anything you'd want to know.

Good WWII SITES - propaganda posters - links by WWII topic - Best of History's list for WWII sites - info on battles, pics, and people - The BBC's website on WWII - maps of WWII - timelines and site links broke down by topic - facts, stats, info, pictures, and links -lesser known facts about WWII - pictures, pictures, pictures