Smoky Valley Orchestras

The Smoky Valley Schools Orchestra Program is comprised of several well-known and respected musical performance groups dedicated to the improvement of their players.  Stringed instrument instruction begins in the 4th Grade and continues through 12th Grade with various performance opportunities at all levels.

The success of each group depends on each player's attitude, preparation, and performance.  To that extent, Smoky Valley Orchestra Students take pride in preparing musical performances of compositions of various genres, styles, cultures, and time periods.

Henry Littich and Susan Higbee, Directors


  1. -Smoky Valley High School

  2. -Smoky Valley Middle School

  3. -Marquette Elementary

  4. -Soderstrom Elementary

“The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare.” -Juma Inkangaa,(Winner of the 1989 New York City Marathon)