Games to Play with Dolch & Fry Words

First grade students at SES are expected to master the Dolch word lists by the end of the year. Second grade students at SES are expected to master the Fry word lists by the end of the year. Here are some games to help them study. Chose the list to work on, have/help your child cut apart the words, then complete the activity. Have fun!

Scramble: Place the words face down on the floor. Have your child “scramble” for a word. He/She will then “scramble” back to you and read you the word. If the word is correct, place it in a pile. If the word is incorrect, place it face down on the floor for a “try again” after telling your child the correct word.

Tic-Tac-Toe: Place nine words on the tic-tac-toe grid. Using  colored  squares as markers, play tic-tac-toe. When one game is finished, clear the cards and use a new set of words. After each game, if there were spaces no one read, please review those words. If there aren’t enough cards for the last game, use some of the “hard” cards your student had trouble with.

ABC: Have your child put the words in alphabetic order and then read them to you. You might need to help with this.

Memory: Place the words face down on a table or the floor. Have your child turn one card over at a time and then read it to you. If he/she reads it correctly, they get to keep the card face up in a pile. If he/she doesn’t read it correctly, tell them the word and have them place it face down for a “try again” and pick a different card.

Cheer a Word: Place the cards in a pile. Look at the card on the top of the pile. Spell the word & then say it three times, like a cheer. Ex: P-L-A-Y, Play, Play, Play

Maze: Set the cards on the floor in an array (rows & columns).  Your child will say the word he/she is stepping on. If the word is right they get to step forward to a word in the next row. If he/she says the word incorrectly, he/she goes back to the beginning and starts again. Your child can then walk through the maze making a different path.

Got it!: Tape the words up around the house. Have your child find the word & say the word as they touch it. You say “Got it!” if he/she says it right. He/She can take it down or leave it if they didn’t get it right & come back for it later.